About the Club

Sigma Investments - "Bridging the gap between theory and practice”

Sigma Investments is the student investment club of the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. Sigma Investments was founded in 1976 by students of Maastricht University, and it has since been Sigma’s goal to bridge the gap between theoretical academia and the world of professional finance. Over the course of its long history the club successfully faced various challenges and generations of students learned valuation skills and asset management by means of practical application. Noteworthy is Sigma’s cooperation with several other associations of the School of Business and Economics, especially regarding the strong ties to SCOPE | FOCUS (former: FS Focus. former: Future). Since Sigma Investments has a long history, the club has been able to continuously improve industry ties and alumni relations over the years. One of the primary goals of Sigma Investments is to bring the reality of financial markets closer to students. To achieve this objective, weekly meetings are held in which members present industries and companies to provide a foundation for the investment decisions that students make investing their private funds in Sigma’s portfolio. 


The Meetings

The regular meetings of Sigma Investments take place on a weekly basis every Monday, starting at 7 pm at the School of Business and Economics. Members meet five minutes before the start of the meeting in front of the entrance of the building or at the reception desk of the faculty. Since 2011 a new structure of the regular meetings has been successfully applied. An overview of the most important news headlines, commodity prices, indices and sectors is provided to the members. In the main part of every session club members hold presentations elaborating on content that is of great relevance to the investment activities of the club. Presentations may cover an interesting financial product, represent a comprehensive analysis of an industry or feature the valuation of a specific company. Club members are free to pitch any industry or company that is of particular interest to them and all members decide collaboratively which investment strategies to pursue and what trends to follow. From the presentations given particular investment proposals arise. In response to the presentations held the members actively engage in discussions and vote on the respective proposals. A detailed review of portfolio performance marks the end of each session. After the meetings the members of all study associations get together at the Preuverij or engage in different social activities.