Why Sigma?

Sigma being the investment club of Maastricht University provides various opportunities and benefits to students with an interest in portfolio management and financial markets. For over 30 years Sigma members have been honing their investing skills inside of our association. Our alumni base includes businessmen and women in top executive positions throughout Europe and around world. Sigma provides a vital link between theory and practice to help foster students' knowledge of investing. 
 If you are interested in what we do and you would like to receive more information about us, please feel free to contact the board via or join one of our regular weekly meetings: Mondays from 7pm - 9pm. We meet in front of the SBE building (Tongersestraat 53)!

Regular Visitors

After establishing contact to the club and attending several Sigma events most interested students decide to become regular visitors to the weekly meetings of the club. They then actively take part in Sigma’s activities, engage in the lively discussions and create investment proposals under the helpful guidance of experienced members if needed. On a voluntary basis regular participants might be assigned small tasks, such as to regularly provide the club with information on a certain industry or to monitor the performance of a particular stock. In order gain the right to take part in the voting process that shapes Sigma’s portfolio regular participants need to invest funds and become active members. Nevertheless, regular visitors are allowed to take part in all of Sigma’s events including social activities and company visits. In addition, regular visitors may be offered a letter of reference issued by the board that provides information on the individual participant’s achievements and progress within the club.

Active Members

Sigma’s active member base represents a community of ambitious and open minded students with a strong interest in the field of finance and investing. Active members have invested a minimum amount of  € 500 in Sigma’s portfolio. They thereby gained the right to actively participate in the voting process that designs the portfolio and shapes the success of the investment club in recent years. Active members provide the input necessary for investment decisions and occasionally create own proposals for the club. Active members may engage in all of the clubs activities and are granted a letter of reference.

Board Members

Every semester five ambitious students are selected to serve as the executive board of Sigma Investments. These students provide direction to the investment club and manage internal and external affairs. Active members as well as students who are not part of the club may apply for board positions towards the end of each semester. The selection of new board members is traditionally led by the previous board and authorized by additional authorities. For details on a potential board membership and information on the different board positions please turn to one of the active board members.

Terminating Membership: The Payout Procedure

An investment in Sigma’s portfolio may be sold at any time after consulting the respective treasurer. A simple membership cancelation form and a closure of claims form must be filled out and returned to the treasurer.

Sigma Member Cancellation Form
Sigma Closure of Claims