My name is Fabian Süßmann and I am the Treasurer of SCOPE | FOCUS for the Board of 2016-2017. I am a twenty-year-old Bachelor student, following the International Business track. After I started my studies in September 2015 and got familiar with Maastricht University, I was interested in gaining some practical experience next to my studies.

During my first year, I heard of SCOPE | FOCUS due to its numerous social and professional events that are organized for students. I really liked the idea to provide the opportunity to connect students with companies, while being part of an enthusiastic community. For me being active within SCOPE | FOCUS is a great opportunity to combine my passion for Finance with my enthusiasm for organizing activities within a well-coordinated team.

As the Treasurer for the upcoming year, my goal is to further strengthen the financial position of
SCOPE | FOCUS in order to maintain its reputation and the comprehensive services it provides. In this context I am aiming to effectively allocate all the financial resources for future events in order to provide the greatest possible value to students.

I am looking forward to managing all the upcoming responsibilities of SCOPE | FOCUS together with my fellow board members, in order to make the upcoming year a success for the study association.