Secretary/ Vice President

My name is Y Chi Phung, I am 18 years old and from Aachen in Germany, and I am currently studying Economics and Business Economics. I have taken up the challenge to become a board member next to my second year of studying at Maastricht University and am overjoyed to be chosen for the position of Secretary/Vice President of SCOPE | FOCUS for the upcoming year.

I joined SCOPE | FOCUS in my second semester as the Operations Manager for the Maastricht Finance Day, wanting to contribute my time to enhance the university experience of my peers while also further developing my professional skills. However, after getting to know the other SCOPE | FOCUS members I have realized that there is much more to gain than just professional experience: Being part of a real community with a variety of inspiring, committed and open people. I believe that this unique feature is one of SCOPE | FOCUS’ greatest assets and therefore intend to dedicate myself to maintaining this spirit in the upcoming year.

My main responsibility as the Secretary/Vice President is to ensure the stability and reliability of internal and external information flows at all times. I will do my best to improve communication and information channels not only for SCOPE | FOCUS, but also for the sake of Framework integration and our future successors. Furthermore, I aim to expand the social network throughout SCOPE | FOCUS and the SCOPE Framework, on the one hand by integrating new and old Active Members, and on the other hand by creating and strengthening the connections to our alumni base.

Another unique feature the association offers is the International Financial Orientation that will take place in period six. It is an excursion to one of the world’s financial centers that offers a truly value-adding experience to our students by providing a professional environment and connecting them to potential employers. As I will have the honor to be organizing this event, I am determined to make it extraordinary and successful yet again.

Concluding, I consider this challenge as one of my greatest so far and promise to dedicate myself wholly to fulfilling this task and reaching our goals. I am truly looking forward to being part of an amazing Board, connecting students with companies, alumni and most importantly each other – and last but not least, creating an even better SCOPE | FOCUS.