Commissioner Public Relations

My name is Alina Meibeck and for the upcoming academic year, I am the Commissioner Public Relations. I am 21 years old and in September, I started my second year of Economics and Business Economics with the specialization International Business Economics.

I have been an active member of SCOPE | FOCUS since I started my studies at Maastricht University in September 2015. As an active member, I was part of the Multimedia Committee, where I really enjoyed creating the Alumni newsletter and videos like the Social Report.

From my point of view, a board position is the optimal opportunity to gain some practical experience next to my studies and to broaden my teamwork and leadership skills. As Commissioner Public Relations, I intend to maintain the positive perception of SCOPE | FOCUS. Moreover, I want to increase the usage of our website even more in order to keep sponsors, alumni, and everyone else involved with our association, informed with photos and reports of all of our events.

Furthermore, I am going to work on finding an alternative to flyering in order to raise awareness for our events and raise the number of applicants, especially for the Dutch events. 

I am very enthusiastic for the next year and I am excited to work with my board and all of our actives.  I am certain that there will be challenges, but I am confident that we will be able to overcome them together as team! It is going to be a memorable year and I am really looking forward to it!