Commissioner International Relations

My name is Mara von Laar and I am the Commissioner International Relations at SCOPE | FOCUS for the board of 2016/2017. I am currently 22 years old and I am originally from Lübeck, Germany. With the beginning of the academic year in September, I started my second year of International Business Studies at Maastricht University.

I became an active member of SCOPE | FOCUS last year by organizing the German Accounting Tour, which provided me with the opportunity to get in contact with companies and sponsors for the very first time. The success of this tour made me want to go a step further and dedicate more of my time and energy to organizing such events. In addition to this, I enjoyed the atmosphere and friendship that come along with being an active at SCOPE | FOCUS. I believe that this association gives students a great opportunity to improve their professional skills and that it bridges the gap between Maastricht University’s educational program and the business world.

In my upcoming year I want to foster the relationships with our sponsors and partners which, in my opinion, are vital for the success of our events. In addition to that I would like to broaden our sponsor portfolio outside Germany, to provide an interesting and differentiated mix of events and companies to our students. Lastly I aim to build further on the good reputation students of Maastricht University gained during the last years, in order to facilitate the start of their professional career and by preserving the high quality of our recruitment events.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming year as a board member of SCOPE | FOCUS and the challenges awaiting me. I am convinced that our board will provide many memorable and value adding events to the benefit of students, companies, and our association.