My name is Zino Timmermans and I am 21 years old, Dutch and currently in my fourth year of the BSc. Economics & Business Economics. I decided to specialize in International Business Economics and to do my major in Accounting. I joined SCOPE | FOCUS in 2015 and was part of the Multimedia Committee and the Regional Tour Committee. Currently, I am the External Relations Netherlands & International of the Maastricht Finance Day 2016. Being part of such a motivated committee and community made me realize that I wanted to further develop SCOPE | FOCUS both in a professional and social way. Hence, I felt the necessity to provide my skills and insights to both the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) and SCOPE | FOCUS. This is why I decided to apply for the position of Chairman.

My personal reasons to apply for the SCOPE | FOCUS board were solely based on the aspiration to further develop my professional skills and to gain some practical experience next to my academic career. This means I want to further develop my leadership, communication, teamwork, reflective, and social skills. Furthermore, I want to push the boundaries of excellence to the limit and further increase the quality of the professional events.

As a chairman, I will align the interests of SCOPE | FOCUS with the School of Business and Economics. This will ensure that the strategic renewal of the SBE will move together with the strategy of SCOPE | FOCUS. My largest challenge this year will be handling the proposed merger between SCOPE | FOCUS and SCOPE | Economics. Combined, these two associations will further increase the quality of both the professional and academic events. This will solve the current lack of academic application within SCOPE | FOCUS. Consequently, these associations combined will create a static environment for big events like the Maastricht Finance Day (MFD) and the Maastricht Business Days (MBD) that enables the association to further expand its international network, attract the best business partners, and continue to improve its strategy. One of the primary objectives of the board of 2015-2016 was to increase the international awareness of SCOPE | FOCUS. The board of 2016-2017 intends to further increase this international awareness by integrating more with the United Kingdom. Next to this, another objective is to expand our professional and academic portfolio by offering a wide range of events for the Finance, Accounting, Controlling, and Economics tracks.

There will definitely be a lot of challenges along this journey for us, but we are more than motivated and feel excited to face all of these challenges together. All board members feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to grow the excellence of SCOPE | FOCUS.