Blacklist policy

SCOPE Blacklisting Policy

This blacklist policy is being implemented as students in the past have not attended company workshops, for example, even though they have been selected. In order for the SCOPE framework to maintain its professional relationship with companies we need students to be obliged to attend events they have signed up for. It has also been unfair to other students in the past, who have missed out on potentially available places due to the late dropout of other students.

1. How will the blacklist policy work and when will I become blacklisted?

A student can be blacklisted when they either a) they do not pay the annual membership fee or the participation fee for an event, b) they do not attend an event they previously registered for or c) their behaviour is deemed inappropriate. Different rules and regulations apply to the three cases.

If the student decides to not attend at that particular occasion, he/she has to cancel his/her participation 48 hours prior to the event. For logistical reasons some events may have a stricter timespan as to when you may cancel. For these events students will be blacklisted if they withdraw their participation after the registration deadline has elapsed. The events included are marked by an asterisk (*). Please check the information on these specific events. Exceptions can be granted in special circumstances by the respective association.

Payment regulations will differ per event and are therefore set by the individual associations. More information can be found in the respective event descriptions.

This email is regarded as the first warning, thus in any of the three cases stated above, the student will be blacklisted immediately.

2. Which events will be included?

SCOPE Maastricht

SCOPE Symposium*
MyBuddy Events
Foreign Trips*
Study Trips*
Soft skill trainings
SCOPE Academy Extra Tutorials*



Maastricht Consultancy Day*
Global Entrepreneurship Week
Maastricht Marketing Days*
Information Technology Management Day*
Supply Chain Management Day*
Maastricht Business Days*
International Business Trip
Marketing Finance Battle*
Nationale Marketing Strijd
Any independently organized event (e.g. workshops, interviews, dinners, in-house days)*



Big 4 Recruitment Dinner*
Maastricht Finance Day*
Accounting Orientation Day
Maastricht Conference
Frankfurt Banking Tour*
Regional Tour*
PwC In-House Day
German Accounting Tour*
Nederlandse Kantoren Dag
Maastricht Business Days*
Big 4 Cycle*
Luxembourg Tour*
Henkel In-house Day*
Marketing Finance Battle*
International Financial Orientation*


SCOPE | Economics

Foreign trip*
City trips*
All workshops
All in-house days*
All company presentations
All career & recruiting events*
Any signup for events including an agreement to the blacklist policy
Any events mentioned before that include a CV or selection procedure


SCOPE | Vectum

Any paid weekly events with limited spacing
The annual Business trip
The case day
Members weekend

3. How long will the blacklisted person be unable to attend events?

Students are not permitted to attend any of the above mentioned SCOPE events of all associations while being blacklisted.

Students that fail to attend an event without informing the respective association in the above specified time frame will be blacklisted for one year, starting from the date of the missed event up to and including the same event in the following year.

Students that fail to make the annual membership fee will be blacklisted for the period of their studies. This means that bachelor students will be blacklisted for the period of their bachelor studies only, and will be taken off the blacklist when they start their master. Master students will be blacklisted for the period of their master studies.

4. Is it possible to be removed from the blacklist?

Students that fail to pay the annual membership fee have the possibility to get removed from the blacklist by paying the amount not paid and an additional fine of €15. Students who fail to attend an event without informing the respective association in the above specified time frame will be removed from the blacklist after that event has occurred in the following year.

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