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Founded in 2003 as the official financial study association of the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University, SCOPE | FOCUS forms a bridge between students and potential future employers. With several years of experience and an extensive network of companies, students and alumni, SCOPE | FOCUS successfully organizes several activities for companies and students interested in the study fields accountancy, finance and controlling. Next to organizing activities, our association provides companies with several opportunities to expose themselves to 4,500 business students of Maastricht University.

Participation in activities

With an internationally oriented package of activities, we are able to approach all students at the faculty. Activities vary from workshops to in-house days to up to four-day events. By arranging each activity around a specific topic SCOPE | FOCUS ensures that all students' needs and wants are addressed. On one hand this allows the students to meet attractive companies they are interested in, while on the other hand participating companies are able to approach those students they are looking for. Next to our own portfolio of activities, we can offer customized activities based on personal input and initiatives of the companies.

Advertize on the website

Via, our website can be reached. It provides general information about our association and our activities. Most importantly, the website allows students of Maastricht University to gain a clearer picture about potential future employers. For companies it is therefore a great opportunity to promote themselves by placing a company profile and logo, as well as internship-, job-, and/or business course-advertisements.

Companies can create exposure by placing a company logo in the slideshow on our homepage. On the company page all logos can be found, which are linked to the company profile. Besides, links are placed to the companies' own websites. All this connects students with the companies and allows them to easily find the information they are looking for. If a company wants to obtain additional exposure for a certain event, a banner can be placed on the website.


In order to promote internships, jobs, business courses or other events, SCOPE | FOCUS can reach the students of Maastricht University via mailings. Information can be sent either via e-mail or by regular mail. This advertisement method is the most direct form of addressing students as it allows companies to actively select the targeted group of students (while avoiding targeting the wrong students). We can specify target groups on study year, study field and/or nationality. Besides promoting at Maastricht University, SCOPE | FOCUS also offers nationwide promotion through the cooperation with financial study associations from Amsterdam (FSA), Groningen (Risk), Rotterdam (FSR) and Tilburg (Asset | Accounting & Finance). Together we successfully cooperate within the FAN (Financial Association Netherlands).

Convinced of SCOPE|FOCUS and interested in approaching the students of Maastricht University? Please contact us for specific opportunities for your company.

P.O. Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands

Contact information for Dutch companies:
Phone number: 043-3883779

Contact information for international companies:
Phone number: 043-3883770