SCOPE | FOCUS is the financial study association of Maastricht University for students interested in finance, accountancy and controlling. Our aim is to be the best possible intermediary between students and potential future employers. We try to accomplish this by organizing a diverse range of educational and recruitment activities. Our target group consists of third year Bachelor and Master students in International Business Economics (IBE) and International Business (IB). Currently, SCOPE | FOCUS has more than 1,550 members, about 60 active members and a vast number of supporting alumni.

Affiliated Associations: SCOPE

Within the School of Business Administration and Economics (SBE) of Maastricht University, SCOPE | FOCUS is part of SCOPE. This is an umbrella association consisting of four associations, which all promote different study tracks at the SBE. For more information we would like to refer you to

Financiële Associatie Nederland (FAN)

On a national level SCOPE | FOCUS is represented in the FAN, a platform which fosters the collaboration between the different financial study associations. The FAN jointly organizes activities and offers companies the possibility to promote recruitment activities on a nation wide level. The FAN consists of five financial study associations – Tilburg (Asset | Accounting & Finance), Rotterdam (FSR), Amsterdam (FSA), and Groningen (RISK). For more information please go to

Sigma Investments

Sigma Investments is the daughter association of SCOPE | FOCUS and offers students the opportunity to manage an investment portfolio. More information about Sigma can be found here.